Pilgrims Recovery Oil | Brooklyn Grooming
Pilgrims Recovery Oil | Brooklyn Grooming
Pilgrims Recovery Oil | Brooklyn Grooming
Pilgrims Recovery Oil | Brooklyn Grooming

Pilgrims Recovery Oil | Brooklyn Grooming

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Brooklyn Grooming Pilgrims Recovery Oil

Pilgrim's Recovery Oil is a highly effective and completely organic traditional liniment that will help ease aching muscles and aid recovery, but won't leave you smelling like a cough drop. Brooklyn Grooming has infused organic sunflower seed oil with a very special blend of six different herbs, led by powerful natural anti-inflammatories arnica and white willow bark. In addition, fir tree essential oils help ease muscle tension and bruising, while the woodsy aroma of cedar helps relax both skin and soul, leaving you smelling nice to boot.

  • Helps relax muscles and stimulate the healing process by reducing inflammation
  • Uses a blend of six different healing herbs that have been steeped at a low temperature to extra-infuse the power of plant botanicals and herbs
  • Smells like an intoxicating walk in the forest and not like a mentholated cough drop
  • Arnica: Stimulates circulation to trigger the body's own immune response, encouraging healing while reducing swelling, pain and inflammation
  • St. John's Wort: Benefits the skin in wound repair as it stimulates granulation and capillary regeneration, as well as having substantial antibacterial effects
  • Chrysanthemum Flower: Hailing from the same family as chamomile, chrysanthemum flowers help soothe and treat inflammation and sore muscles
  • White Willow Bark: Nature's original "aspirin," because of its salicin content, which helps alleviate pain and inflammation; the effects are gentle and long lasting and much safer when applied topically
  • Fir Oil: Warming and relaxing fir oil works through anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that reduce swelling and increase circulation, allowing muscles to heal more readily in a shorter time frame than rest alone
  • Massage 1-2 full droppers onto area as needed for maximum benefits
  • Use this product in conjunction with cold and heat as needed