Rustic-Chic | Handcrafted Goods. A Premium General Goods Store offering a wide variety of products for your home, body, and mouth hole. 

Woodcrafter by day, professional singer/songwriter by night. I have three loves in my life - my family, my music, and building things! My mom used to own an antique shop and in our many travels to find pieces for her store she taught me something. Decorating a home is more than just hanging a picture on a wall. Every little thing from the color of paint all the way down to the rug in the foyer says a little something about who you are on the inside. It's what makes a house a home. My dream when I opened The Southern Pines was to build stylish, one-of-a-kind rarities that help you express who you are and to add that something special to your home. Thank you for taking the time to visit my store.