Hyena MFG Zippo | Roam Wild | Iron and Resin

Hyena MFG Zippo | Roam Wild | Iron and Resin

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Iron and Resin's Roam Wild Hyena MFG Zippo

Hyena Mfg began in Brooklyn in 2015 as an engraving company inspired by motorcycles, tattoos, art and music. Taking it's cue from Vietnam-era trench art engraved on Zippos, Hyena's ethos has always been to make products that reflect their owner, are utilitarian and only improve with age. Hyena is a one-man-brand currently based in Montreal. All engraving, designs and concepts are done by Mike Faudel unless otherwise noted.  

Always original and always built to last. Stay Sharp.

Genuine Zippo brushed chrome lighter with blackened Iron & Resin design hand engraved by Hyena MFG.

  • Made in the USA
  • Engraved by hand in Montreal

*Due to shipping restrictions, Zippos do not come with lighter fluid*