Make Your Own Candles with The Southern Pines
Make Your Own Candles with The Southern Pines
Make Your Own Candles with The Southern Pines
Make Your Own Candles with The Southern Pines
Make Your Own Candles with The Southern Pines

Make Your Own Candles with The Southern Pines

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A unique and one of kind experience. Come spend the evening with us in our candle bar where you purvey through our essential oils and find the perfect blend for you. We guide you step-by-step through each process to make your very own candle! The perfect addition to any date night, private party, birthday party, or if you wanna run solo and find out what all the buzz is about c'mon in and give it a try! Great for kids too! 

* We ask that all parties arrive 5 minutes early. Any appointment that is running late must call and notify the associate on duty. Any appointment that is running 5 minutes beyond their scheduled appointment and have not confirmed that we can work you in will be cancelled and will need to be rescheduled. Thank you for your understanding *

Your Candle Bar Experience Includes:

1 x Candle made of Soy Wax and Essential Oils (per person)

1 x Reusable Whiskey Tumbler (per person) (the tumbler holds the candle)

1 x Complimentary Cocktail (21+ plus) - (this is not attached to the purchase of the candle and is offered to all customers who visit with us)* based on avaialbilty 

1 x Hell of a good time 

Simply select the date and time at check out and we will see you then! 

REFILL YOUR CANDLE FOR HALF THE COST! Simply bring your glass back to us and will remake the candle you love in less than two hours!! (please contact us prior)

See our article from the Tallahassee Magazine here:

*We can provide special accommodations. For parties over 6, we ask that you reach out to us prior to booking. With questions or requests please email us at or 850-354-8969. 

** Please plan ahead for 30 mins per appointment. The candle must sit for an extra 45 mins after the making process while it cures. During this time we recommend shopping the store or grabbing dinner or a cocktail at one of the great restaurants in Bannerman Crossing tell em' we sent ya.

*** We recommend letting your candle sit 24 hours before it can be lit. We prefer you let it sit for 3 days but we understand the anticipation and fun! 

**** Please follow all safety instructions included on the safety sticker located on the bottom of your candle glass.

***** Cancellations are not allowed and will be charged the full fee of the order. We can however reschedule the class for you to accommodate a better time suited for your party. Please understand due to popularity of the candle bar ONE reschedule will be allowed. If that appointment is not met the appointment will be canceled and you will not receive a refund. Thank you for understanding.