Stirred Cocktail Set| W & P

Stirred Cocktail Set| W & P

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W & P Stirred Cocktail Set

This swanky set includes everything needed to make bartender-worthy stirred cocktails at home! 

In it you’ll find a classic bar spoon, mixing glass, large ice cube tray and julep strainer. Each item is designed so well, we’re sure it makes our martinis taste better. Plus, the kit is beautiful enough to be displayed on your home bar cart… because everyone has one of those, right?   

Makes a great gift for newlyweds, first time homeowners, cocktail enthusiasts and your boss who has a bar in their office. Maybe they'll finally get the hint they should invite you in for happy hour sometime. 


To make completely clear ice cubes, first boil the water, then let it cool before adding to the ice cube trays. Magic!