The Bearded Bastard's Beard Oil

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The Bearded Bastard's Beard Oil

The original Woodsman Beard Oil is made of the finest natural ingredients for facial hair that we could find. It has a delightfully woodsy scent to it that will have you looking for your axe, putting on your flannel shirt, and getting ready to do some manly things indeed. Women and men will 'ooh' and 'ahh' at the brilliant luster of your beard and mustache. They might just hug you a little longer than you were counting on just to take in the fine woodsy scent of your magnificent and full facial hair.

Often imitated but never duplicated, we stand by TBB's Woodsman Beard Oil as the best beard oil in the world.

TBB's Woodsman Beard Oil is the perfect middle ground between subtle and bold. It combines elements of cedar and pine that coalesce into a dry, woodsy essence. This is a scent truly fit for a man of the outdoors.

Become the Bearded Bastard that you were meant to be by channeling your inner mountain man and master your facial hair with our Woodsman Beard Oils!

  • Natural oils keep facial hair soft and reduce itchiness associated with beard growth
  • Scented with Texas cedar and other¬†essential oils and extracts
  • 1 fl. oz. glass bottle with real wood¬†label
  • Includes shaker insert to make dispensing easy
  • Made by hand in Austin, TX