The Beaded Bastard's Woodsman Starter Kit

Woodsman Starter Kit | The Bearded Bastard

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The Beaded Bastard's Woodsman Starter Kit

If you are a new Bastard and just starting on your beard journey this is the grooming kit for you! This starter grooming kit will give you the tools you need to learn to take care of your glorious new mane. Are you already a loyal bastard? Looking for the perfect travel pack? This awesome Woodsman pack encapsulates all of your needs into one compact tin, its a great addition to any dopp kit or go bag!

Woodsman Beard Oil:

The original Woodsman Beard Oil is made of the finest natural ingredients for facial hair that we could find. It has a delightfully woodsy scent to it that will have you looking for your axe, putting on your flannel shirt, and getting ready to do some manly things indeed. Women and men will 'ooh' and 'ahh' at the brilliant luster of your beard and mustache. They might just hug you a little longer than you were counting on just to take in the fine woodsy scent of your magnificent and full facial hair.

Woodman Beard Balm:

There are times when fly away whiskers need to be reigned in. And for those who love the popular Woodsman scent but need a little more control in their beard, the Woodsman Beard Balm is the perfect solution. No matter if your chopping wood or climbing the stairs to your office, the Woodsman Beard Balm keeps your wily hairs to the perfect shape while sealing in moisture for beard health. 

The Woodsman Beard Balm have all the nourishing oils you'll find in our beard oil, but with natural beeswax, cocoa butter and lanolin additives to help with control. 

Woodsman Cologne:

The everyman cologne. A walk through a fresh, pine forest with every spray. Whether you're feeling trapped in the urban jungle or on the hunt for a more natural scent, Woodsman is an immediate trip to the great outdoors of the American West.

Woodsman Starter Kit Includes:

  • Two Woodsman™ Beard Oil Samples (1 dram)
  • Woodsman Beard Balm Sample (.5 oz)
  • Woodsman Cologne Sample (3mL)
  • Engraved Reusable Gold Travel Tin